karen leigh studios | Getting to Know You

Please copy and paste here or e-mail me at karen@klsphotos.me

1. What is the date of your session and time preference if not already discussed?

2. What are the names and ages of everyone in your family (Who will be present during our session, please include pets)?

3. What are some activities your family enjoys doing together?

4. Are there any important items or favorite things that you would like included in your session?

5. Are there any health or physical limitations that I should be aware of for our photo session?

6. Are there particular poses or images that you want to make sure we capture for our session? (Examples welcomed)

7. What type of location would you like for your session? Indoor or outdoor or both? For in-home sessions please describe the rooms, including the amount of natural (AM or PM) light it receives.

8. Is there any favorite features you would like me to capture or features that someone may feel self conscious about that I should be aware of while photographing?

9. If we are photographing your child(ren), what kinds of things or phases are they going through right now?  )For example: Walking, saying no, smiling, laughing, sitting up, boys, girls, music, etc.)

10. How do you plan on displaying your images?  (Prints, Framed and Matted, Canvas, Metal Prints, Ipad Cases, Internet, etc)

11. Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like me to know before our session?

12.  What is the most important photograph you would like to get captured during our session?