karen leigh studios | Day 401 - Before and Afters and Renovation Updates

Day 401 - Before and Afters and Renovation Updates

June 18, 2017  •  3 Comments


Hard to believe it was a year August 21 that we purchased our soon to be new home but we are getting close and I am happy to see things really coming together.  I've also finished a few things that have been long over due!  Pretty excited:

The cane couch pictured above my husband found almost a year ago.  It was being thrown out.  The cane on the seating was ripped and there was a crack on the left side of it.  This couch I REALLY wanted for my kitchen.  It was too big.  It moved from room to room until now where it will remain, in the guest room.  My husband sealed the crack and clamped it.  We replaced the torn cane with plywood without damaging the frame.  I cleaned it up and then slightly added some black glaze to pull out the carvings and then I varnished it.  I am adding the back pillows this week but VERY glad my husband was in the right place at the right time.  

Here is another full picture:

The tree is my black Halloween tree that I haven't decorated yet but decided it will stay up all year in this room and I will decorate it each season.  I pass a house every morning and noticed they had a tree in their bedroom and I was diggin it so I am going to do it as well!

The next major accomplishment is our new front door, or doors!  The doors on our home our original and it has bothered me since we purchased our home having them exposed to the elements.  They are sealed but I am terrified that something will happen to them with me.  In coming into the home stretch of our new home and all the other rooms coming together and having light, the foyer is dark, no light at a all.  It bothered me and didn't flow with the rest of the house.  For our anniversary we FINALLY went to Second Chance in Baltimore.  While looking around I noticed two tall glass doors that I thought would be perfect.  We can't buy brand new doors at Lowes that will look right on our house but these looked perfect.  Problem was, they were two lefts.  We purchased them and my husband did his magic, I am not joking, he really did. I painted and here is the before and after:

It really changes the whole look of the house but I LOVE the natural light now able to flow through the foyer and now all the rooms are consistent and not one room with darkness.  My doors are protected and I just love them!  

We are getting close and everything is coming together.  My husband finished restoring the hard word floors upstairs and they look amazing!  You can see them in the guest room and also in this picture of the sitting room:

The rugs have arrived as well which I am pretty excited about.  Every single thing on the walls, on the door, on the hope chest, the table, the accents, everything was done around this rug prior to me ever seeing it.  I was looking at a picture.  I was concerned that maybe the colors wouldn't work but they just look perfect together!!   I may have said this previously but the door on the wall is the original front door to our current home and the hope chest I got at Good Will for $15.00.

I am excited about everything, but when I completed this display, I really did jump up and down.  It's really cute.

In our scary basement the original wood doors are all still there.  We will not be using all of them for the basement so at the time I discovered this, I was trying to figure out what to do in the guest room to add some character.  Once I saw these doors, I knew they needed to hang on the wall.  I cleaned them, sanded them and then dry brushed painted and then waxed them.  On top of that, the metal bed that I recently got from second chance will sit in front of them.  I also added these really nice lighted twig trees and here is the result:

Here is a close up, I really love everything about them and they just really bring such a cozy feeling to this room!

In the past few weeks, especially with fall coming, I am pretty excited that this will be the first year we will be able to give out candy for Halloween in our new home.  Our home was always rumored to be the haunted house.  Not anymore.  The foyer needed a table to be complete.  I thought I found the right one but it ended up not working.  Then I thought I found another but nope.  Then I looked around online and almost settled for something else but nothing felt right.  Then in the middle of the night I woke up, looked over in the corner of my bedroom and realized that my new foyer table was in my house the whole time:

This was a another vanity that belonged to my mother:

I haven't used it in years and it had a lot of boxes stored on top of it.  I thought "could this work?"  "Could I get the mirror off"  it was in really good shape, beautiful wood and gorgeous queen ann legs.  The top was in bad shape.  It still seemed perfect, it was so on!!

I started to sand and went a little overboard with the sanding and thought I ruined it, but all the things that needed to be removed, removed pretty easily:

Here is a during, after sanding and first coat of varnish.  I used the same varnish as I did on the stairs and on the the frames hanging in the foyer:

It turned out beautiful!!!!  Here it is in the foyer:

It is perfect under my mother's painting and it belonged to her and I brought it back to life!  No more storing stuff being stored on top of this table :).

Last but not least, my completed Welcome sign :).  I found this all wood ironing board in the one of the storage areas in our attic.  I cleaned it up and originally made it into a table but I soon realized, I am never going to use it as a table and saw this on pinterest and wanted to do my own.  I painted over it with chalk paint and.....I am stubborn and thought I could do the letters without any rulers or guides.  After doing this 3 times, I finally got it.  

I love it, it looks so perfect on our porch!

Coming into the home stretch, literally :)  Fall Mini Sessions up next.  SOOO excited!







Read your review on Amazon (too) and wanted to see. WOW! I love the sofa your husband found. You did an excellent job on your home. I am hoping to decorate my living room and am a little scared because it will be drastic. I am going for a colorful BOHO theme. I thought the rug has a nice worn look (which a few people complained about --think it is supposed to look like that) and has very nice colors. Like you said colors are hard to judge on the internet. Are any of the colors in the orange family. My walls will be orange...more a pumpkin orange. Also have you had any problem with the rubber on the back of that rug sticking to your floors when it is humid? Thanks for sharing your blog. It really was helpful.
karen leigh studios
Thank you and glad it helped. When I purchased that rug there was only one review so I wanted to share and let everyone know how great they were. I'm doing window frames to match the rug as well and even considering the dresser this weekend to match. Still going back and forth.
I read your review of the rug on Amazon and just had to see your remodel. Love it! I'm going to get the rug now and brighten up my living room. Thank you for sharing your photos. I have an old hope chest that I want to do like yours. Awesome ideas! Again, thank you for sharing. I have an old window frame that I believe would be great the color of your door.
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